Every year a lot of surveys are being conducted in the Netherlands and enormous amounts of data are collected. Data collection organizations like DANS and Centerdata are involved in the dissemination of these data and metadata through freely accessible archives. These archives allow you to browse and search for data you need for your research. Most of these data archives allow you to download the data, codebooks etc. at no cost.

The next step in the availability of all these data for you as a researcher, is to have it all in one place. Survey Data Netherlands allows you to browse all the different sources that are stored in different physical locations with one click. At the moment limited search for keywords is also possible. This search functionality will be extended in the near future. When you have found what you are looking for, you can browse to the corresponding archive to look at or download the data.

The goal of the Survey Data Netherlands website is to bring survey data and metadata from all different sources into one website. In addition to the website, Survey Data Netherlands provides a one-stop service for research projects for the dissemination and long-term preservation of survey data. If you want your survey data to be part of Survey Data Netherlands, please contact us.