LISS Panel Data Archive

The LISS panel (Longitudinal Internet Studies for the Social sciences) is the principal component of the MESS project. It consists of 5000 households, comprising 8000 individuals. The panel is based on a true probability sample of households drawn from the population register by Statistics Netherlands. Households that could not otherwise participate are provided with a computer and Internet connection. A special Immigrant panel is available in addition to the LISS panel. This Immigrant panel is comprised of around 1600 households (2400 individuals) of which 1100 households (1700 individuals) are of non-Dutch origin.

Panel members complete online questionnaires every month of about 15 to 30 minutes in total. They are paid for each completed questionnaire. One member in the household provides the household data and updates this information at regular time intervals. View here an example of the questionnaire screen.

Half of the interview time available in the both the LISS and Immigrant panel is reserved for the LISS Core Study. This longitudinal study is repeated yearly and is designed to follow changes in the life course and living conditions of the panel members. The other half of available interview time per year can be used to collect one's own data. This is cost-free for researchers at universities and scientific institutes. Researchers from the Netherlands and abroad are free to submit a survey proposal.

The LISS panel has been in full operation since October 2007. The Immigrant panel is operational since October 2010. The data from both panels are available through this website and through the LISS data archive.

From: http://www.lissdata.nl/lissdata/About_the_Panel